Paper Rose Wall Art

One item I consistently hoard collect is books. I love to read (even if I don’t do it too often these days), and when I read one book by an author and I like it, I buy their books whenever I hit thrift stores. Unfortunately though, when I get around to those books, I often don’t like them as much as the first book I read by that author, and then I’m stuck with a book that I don’t really like.

Sure, I could donate it back to thrift stores, but with the quarantine continuing, there are no thrift stores open to donate to. I figured that instead of letting them rot in a box in the basement, I’d figure out some crafts that use old books.

Cue the book page rose art.


10×10 Inch Canvas
Book Pages


Hot Glue Gun

1. There are plenty of templates out there for making flowers out of paper, but instead of following a pattern, I like to eyeball it. The first step of making your rose, though, is to make a cone out of a book page. Glue it so it stands up as a cone and cut the bottom so it can stand straight upright.

The center of the rose

2. Next up is adding flower petals. Again, there are patterns you can follow, but you can also just cut petals by sight. The ones in the middle are more narrow than the ones that you’ll put on the exterior of the rose. Once you’re happy with your rose petal shape, gradually glue them around the cone.

A few tips when it comes to gluing:

A. You don’t need much glue; just one dab with the hot glue gun is enough to attach it to the center cone/other petals.

B. Do your dab of hot glue near the center of the petal; don’t glue down the exterior corners of the petal, because as you go along and add more petals, you want to tuck those in underneath the petals you already have on.

C. If you’re finding your petals don’t have enough shape to them, pinch the bottom center of your petal and put in a dab of glue. That’ll make it more rounded.

About halfway done adding petals

3. Continue gluing petals around the cone, gradually getting bigger and wider as you near the exterior. If you’re using a 10×10 canvas as your base, you’ll want your flower to be about 8-9 inches around.

4. Now it’s time to prepare the display. I did a “reverse canvas.” Here’s what that entails:

A. Take the canvas off its wooden frame. You can use a staple remover or cut around the staples. You can even leave the staples in, since they’ll be covered later.

B. (Optional) Stain your wooden frame

C. Cut your canvas down to size so that it doesn’t wrap around the frame anymore; it should just cover the back of the frame.

The back of the reverse canvas
Front of the reverse canvas

D. Glue or staple your canvas to the back of the frame.

5. Use your hot glue gun or superglue to set the flower on the reverse canvas. Start with gluing down the cone area as the base, and then glue down any other base petals that touch the canvas. The more areas that are glued down, the better set it’ll be, so don’t be afraid to even glue the outer petals to the frame.

Just like that, your book page rose wall art is done!

Happy DIYing!


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