Bunny Butt in Terracotta Pot Craft

Even though Easter is now over, unfortunately the Coronavirus is not. So, I’m continuing on with the same pattern I had the last few weeks: I’m digging through supplies that I have in my basement and working with those. A lot of these items are ones that you may have in your house too, so hopefully they’ll enable you to craft at home and stay safe in the process.

Today’s craft is one that I affectionately call “The Bunny Butt in Terracotta Pot.” In this craft, you create a bunny that is digging in a pot, searching for some burrowed carrots. This bunny that I have pictured isn’t made of expensive pom poms or faux fur fabric. Nope. It’s made of Styrofoam and cotton balls. Really!

Let’s get into the craft!


3 Inch Styrofoam Ball
.5 Inch Styrofoam Ball
5 inch Terracotta Pot
Faux Grass/Reindeer Moss
White and Pink Felt


Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun

1. Start by unraveling about ten cotton balls. The ones that I used were small and thin, but when you roll them out, they go a lot further than you’d expect! You’ll need enough to wrap around the 3 inch Styrofoam ball and enough to wrap around the .5 inch ball (the body and tail respectively).

2. Once you have your cotton strips ready to go, start coating parts of your styrofoam with modge podge. It’s a great adhesive for this project. Just be aware that you need to use quite a bit and act quickly before it’s all soaked into the styrofoam.

Lay your pieces side by side next to each other, with each going in the same direction. Also have them exactly next to each other with no styrofoam visible between them. Continue with this process until both stryfroam balls are completely wrapped with the cotton.

NOTE: As you go through this process, be careful not to get too much modge podge/adhesive on your hands. If you do and you keep touching where the cotton is already laid, you’re bound to accidentally pull up the cotton on the ball. Wash the adhesive off your hands, dry them, and then come back to work.

3. As your bunny’s body and tail are drying, you can start working on the feet. For the main feet portion, cut out a long oval of white felt. Each should be right around 1 inch long and 1/3 of an inch wide. For the pink, cut one large circle for each foot and then three or four small ones for each foot’s toes. Glue them on using whichever glue you find works best on felt.

4. Optional: At this point, you can choose to decorate your terracotta pot. I did mine with a pink faux-marble effect. For a tutorial on that, click here.

5. When you first put your bunny into the terracotta pot, you’ll notice that he falls all the way in and doesn’t hang his butt out in the air. That’s no good! But the solution is simple: Stuff something you don’t care about in the bottom of the pot to give that bunny butt a boost. I used a simple grocery bag. 🙂

Bunny Butt Too Deep
Bunny Butt Just Right

6. Place your bunny body into the terracotta pot. If you’re happy with how deep it is in the pot, then you can now attach the tail and the feet using your hot glue gun.

7. Finally, place your faux grass/reindeer moss around the bunny so it looks like it’s in grass.

With that, your Bunny Butt in Terracotta Pot is done!

Hope you enjoyed today’s craft. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more crafts that use materials commonly found at home.

Happy DIYing!


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