Amazing Grace Cross DIY

Yesterday was Easter, and it certainly didn’t feel like it. Of course I had my virtual church service, but aside from that, it was a day of just being stuck at home. Honestly it felt like such a bummer to not be able to gather with fellow believers and celebrate the holiday.

Instead of letting my feelings of frustration get to me like I often do, I decided to channel my feelings into a craft. Easter is a holiday about the hope believers have because of Jesus’ work on the cross, and so I thought I’d make a cross decoration. And even though Easter is passed now, this cross craft is one that can hang in your home year-round. And again, like my other recent crafts, it uses materials that you already have in your home: Cardboard, sheet music, and black paper/letters.

Let’s get into the craft!


Cardboard Rectangle
Hymn Sheet Music
Modge Podge


Paint Brush


Black Paint
Hot Glue Gun

1.Cut out your cross from a piece of cardboard using your ruler to guide you. If you don’t have a piece of cardboard big enough for the whole cross, you can use segments from other cardboard, but it’s easiest if it’s all the same cardboard section.

As for size, I made mine about 16 inches tall and 10.5 inches wide. The width of each piece is about 3 inches.

2. Once you have your cardboard cut out in the cross shape, you can start gluing your hymn sheet music to the cross. Two things to be aware of when you do this step:

A. Once you put your sheet music down on the modge-podge covered cardboard, you won’t be able to lift it off, so place it intentionally and carefully

B. You are prone to get air bubbles and wrinkles, so again, you have to be careful with placement. If it does get wrinkled at all, use something flat like a ruler to work out the wrinkles as much as you can.

3. If you need to, trim your sheet music to even up the sides. If you’re having trouble getting them exactly even, you can always glue the edges over the sides of the cross.

Note: If you’re not hanging your cross on a wall, I’d recommend you paint the back of your cross. People may not see the back from most angles, but even so, even just painting it black makes it look more finished and intentional!

4. Add your letters to the cross. Here are the options:

A. Write on the letters with a sharpie or marker

B. Stencil on the letters using a homemade stencil and paint

C. Decoupage letters onto the cross

I chose to use my Cricut and have it cut out the letters for me. I used black craft paper and glued them onto my cross using modge podge.

4. If you used a lot of modge podge and possibly paint, you’ll likely notice your cardboard start to warp. Just leave it sit under some weight for a few hours and it’ll set straight again.

5. Display your cross however you want. You can add string to hang it by, put it on the wall with a command strip, or something else. You could even make your own stand with a small cardboard box that you decorate with another material or paint. I had some scrap wood downstairs, so I made a base out of that. the top piece was about 4 inches long, and the bottom base was about 6 long. I glued them together with a strong glue and then used hot glue to attach the cross to them.

If you have superglue that dries immediately, I’d recommend using that to attach the cross. Hot glue is unfortunately more visible, but it’s all I had. To cover that up, I just added a flower at the base.

In five easy steps, the amazing grace cross is done.

Hope you enjoyed today’s craft. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more crafts that use materials commonly found at home.

Happy DIYing!


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