Decoupage Easter Egg Display

If you haven’t been following my blog for the last few weeks, let me fill you in really quickly: with the Coronavirus pandemic still going on, I’m putting in extra effort to make crafts using materials that I don’t have to venture out of the house for. Hopefully you’ll find the same, because with only two major components, this should be an easy one to recreate with materials you already have at home!

Today’s craft is making an Easter display using plastic eggs and newspaper clippings. Really–those are the two main materials! If you don’t have plastic eggs at home, you can purchase some at Walmart, Dollar Tree, or some other store that’s open. Of course, be sure to shop responsibly and only venture out if you need other food supplies.

Let’s get into the Decoupage Easter Egg Display!


6 Plastic Easter Eggs
Newspaper Clippings
Modge Podge
Scrapwood or Paint Stick


Paint Brush
EASTER Stencil or EASTER Letters Printed Out
Hot Glue Gun

Optional Materials

Black Paint

1. Start by taking out your Easter eggs. The ones that I used (pictured below) are ones that I got from my local Dollar Tree. They are glittered, but that’s alright since I’ll be covering that up later in the project.

2.Cut your pieces of newspaper into slips. I cut mine about 2 centimeters high and about 3 inches long. The longer and wider you make your slips of paper, the harder it’ll be to have it lay flat on the eggs. In estimate, I probably used about 15 slips per egg (some shorter than others), so be sure to cut plenty of paper.

3. It’s time to start decoupaging the egg. Hold it vertically and start near the middle of the egg. Put down a thick layer of modge podge in a line across it. Put on your first strip of newspaper as flat as you can. Immediately put modge podge over top of it to flatten it to the surface.

4. Continue decoupaging the egg. Throughout the process, try to keep the strips of newspaper as horizontally in line as possible. If you need to move any around after sticking it to the egg, there’s a short window of time to move it before the paper rips or is stuck to the egg.

As you get closer to the top and bottom of the egg, gradually use shorter pieces of paper. You don’t want too much overlap of the newspaper, because if you do, that’ll make the egg less even and you’ll be able to tell where you added extra paper and where you didn’t.

5. Complete the decoupage process for all of your six eggs.

See detailed instructions for the letters in the next step.

6. Once your eggs are dry, it’s time to add the letters. There are a few ways you can do this:

A. Write on the letters with a sharpie or marker

B. Stencil on the letters using a homemade stencil and paint

C. Decoupage letters onto the eggs

I don’t have neat enough handwriting to do option A, and while B was a valid option for me, I decided to go with C. I used my Cricut to cut out the letters on black paper. Then, I simply decoupaged them onto the egg just like I did with the newspaper.

Make sure that if you decoupage the letters on, you don’t use cardstock or thick paper. Thicker paper won’t wrap around the egg nicely and it will be harder to stick.

7. Set up your display for the eggs and enjoy your final product. I glued mine onto a 13 inch paint stick that I had in the basement. I also stained it a darker color, just because I like the dark color with the black font.

If you put it on a paint stick or piece of scrap wood like I did, you can either spread out the eggs so they take up the full length, or you can have them more condensed and add something like a flower onto the end. I wound up doing that and I absolutely love that element with the decoupaged eggs!

And then your decoupaged Easter egg display is done!

Hope you enjoyed today’s craft. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more Easter DIYs.

Happy DIYing!


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