Picture Frame Burlap Cross

With the quarantine still going for Covid-19, I am writing up tutorials that are really focused on items that you may have in your house already and/or something that is still available from one of the few stores that are open. Today’s craft was one that I fortunately didn’t have to leave the house for at all: The Picture Frame Burlap Cross Craft. I’ve seen this one done before, and I always intended to get to it someday. Now that I’m stuck in my house with only the supplies I have in stock, this is the craft I fell into.

If you don’t have all the supplies though, you can purchase them at a store like Walmart, Dollar Tree, or you can order them off of Amazon.

Let’s get into the Picture Frame Burlap Cross Craft!


8×10 Wood Picture Frame
Burlap Ribbon ( About 5 Inches Thick)
Hemp String
Wood Cross (I got mine at Dollar Tree)


Super Glue

Optional Materials/Tools

Wood Stain & Brush/Rag
Paint & Paintbrush

1. Dismantle your picture frame so that it’s just the frame–no glass, no backing, no anything. Just the frame.

Optional: Stain your frame

2. Wrap your burlap around the front and back of the frame vertically. Make sure the ends overlap by about 2 inches.

3. Pinch the burlap together in the front and back, right near the center of the picture frame. Then tie the center tightly with your hemp twine/string.

4. Wrap your burlap around the front and back of the frame horizontally. Again, you’ll want an overlap of about 2 inches.

5. Flip your frame over to the back. Tie your hemp twine around just the back piece of burlap you just added so it’s narrowest at the center.

6. Flip the frame back to the front and tie your twine around the front center so that all the burlap strips are narrowest and tied at the center of the frame.

Wrap your string through the corners that the area points to so that all the burlap is tied together tightly.

7. There are now for intersections on your cross’s center. Take one more piece of twine, wrap it around each of those intersections and tie one last knot so that your burlap is as tight as possible and all connected to one another.

8. Now that the cross is on the frame, all that’s left is adding the cross. I chose to use this cross from Dollar Tree:

If you’re using the Dollar Tree one, you’ll notice that it comes with a stand attached to the bottom. No problem! It’s attached very gently with wimpy nails, so just pull off the base slowly and then you’ll have your cross centerpiece. You could also paint and/or stain it if you want to, or buy a different variation from your local Dollar Tree.

Whatever the case, attach your cross to the burlap with superglue and allow it to dry. It doesn’t hurt to put a weight on top of it while it’s drying so the whole thing flattens a bit.

And then your project is done!

Hope you enjoyed today’s craft. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned for more Easter DIYs.

Happy DIYing!


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