Paint Stick Box DIY

It’s interesting to see a lot of America in self-quarantine with the threat of the Coronavirus. I may not have that luxury with my job, but I know a lot of people are stuck at home and getting a bit stir-crazy already. The cure? Arts and crafts! Before you worry, this is a craft that uses materials you most likely already have in your house. I’m talking about a Paint Stick Flower Box.


11 Paint Sticks (If you use 5 gallon paint sticks, you can cut down that number to 7 sticks)
8 Jumbo Popsicle Sticks
Sponge Brush
Wood Glue or Super Glue



1. Start with cutting your paint sticks to size. You can do whatever measurements you want of course, but for me, I knew I wanted to fit 3 large mason jars inside the box. If you want to do the same, here are the measurements:

Four 13 inch long paint sticks for the length of the box
Four 4 inch long paint sticks for the sides
Three 13 inch long paint sticks for the bottom of the box

2. Next up, cut your popsicle sticks. I did mine 8 cm long. That’s about 2 centimeters longer than two paint sticks stacked sideways atop one another. I like it longer because that way, I have openings in my box (like pictured above). If you want a solid box, then do about 6 cm.

Here’s all my paint sticks for the box (minus the sticks for the bottom of the box).

3. Stain your paint sticks and your popsicle sticks; be sure to do it all around because at some vantage point, every piece of wood is visible in this project.

4. Once your wood is stained, you can start gluing your pieces together. Pair up your pieces: 2 short paint sticks together for each end, and then 2 long paint sticks together for the front and back. Flip them upside down and glue a popsicle stick to the left and right ends with your wood glue.

Here are all the sides from the back
And here’s a view of the box’

5. Glue your sides together to make the box (minus the bottom)

6. Finally, glue your last three paint sticks to the bottom of the box.

Just like that, your box is done! This is a craft I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but somehow I was so intimidated by it that I never tried it. I guess I was afraid that I’d mess up all the measurements, waste resources (which I hate to do) and have to do it over and over until I got it right. I did mess up my measurements slightly so the box didn’t fit all 3 large mason jars, but I worked that to my advantage and fit 3 different sized glass jars (or one large mason jar and two pasta jars–those are surprisingly great to use in decorating!) Don’t worry though–I adjusted the measurements in this tutorial so you don’t have that same problem. 😉

Even with that flaw in measurement, all the pictures you see are from my very first attempt at making a box. So yes, it really is that easy to make a nice box like this on your first try!

If you make one, be sure to share in the comments below. 🙂

Happy DIYing!


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