Book Pages Birdhouse DIY

On Thursday, I posted this post about how to make a birdhouse out of old/thrift store books. In that post I also said that there would be two different methods I’d be exploring: one where you make the book birdhouse out of the book covers, and the other where you use the book pages. Honestly, I originally intended for both those methods to be listed in the same post. Then it occurred to me that each deserve a pretty in-depth tutorial, and so I split it into two tutorials.

Now like I said, Pinterest has plenty of ideas for book birdhouses. That’s good news for people like me, who have a habit of stocking up on books, never reading them, and then having to get rid of them. In fact, I may just have to start up a new section on my blog devoted specifically to books involving crafts. 🙂 We’ll see what comes of that.

For today, though, here’s the second DIY I promised: The Book Birdhouse w/ book pages.

DIY #2: Book Birdhouse With Book Pages


1 Book
Acrylic Paint
Modge Podge
Bamboo Skewer
Optional: Black paper


Paint Brush
Hot Glue Gun
Optional: Circle Cutting Tool Like Cricut or Drill Attachment

1. Start with cutting your cardboard to size. You can do whatever measurements you want for yours, but keep this in mind:

  • You need 2 identical pieces for the front and back
  • You need 2 identical side pieces
  • The front and back pieces should be at least 25% taller than the side pieces
  • You need 2 identical roof pieces
  • Your roof should be slightly longer than the sides (both vertically and horizontally)

If this is your first attempt at the book birdhouse, I recommend you use the same measurements I did:

Front & Back Pieces: 20 cm tall and 15 cm wide
Side Pieces: 15 cm tall and 12 cm wide
Roof Pieces: 19 cm tall and 14 cm wide

2. Once all your cardboard pieces are cut, cut your book pages to fit each of the “walls.” Be sure that each piece of paper is just a fraction bigger than the cardboard. This prevents you from seeing the cardboard in the final product.

3. With your pieces that are the front and back of the birdhouse, you’ll want to shape it like an arrow up top so it has a sharp top. Mark a line at 13 cm on the left side and then draw a line up to the top center of the cardboard. Repeat with the right side and then cut off the excess cardboard so that your piece points upward. Do the same thing with the back wall’s cardboard.

4. Decoupage your paper onto your cardboard. Essentially, that means that you want to paint your modge podge onto the cardboard evenly and then place your paper atop of it. With each piece, be sure to constantly run something smooth over the paper as it dries. That way, you’re working out all the air bubbles before they become permanent.

5. Once your piece is dry, add on another layer of modge podge to seal the deal (pun intended).

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each of your walls and for the roof of the birdhouse.

7. Paint the reverse side of the roof pieces whichever color you choose.

8. At this point, if you want a circular opening on the front of the birdhouse, use your cricut or another tool to cut a circle. You’ll want the circle to be roughly in line with where the cardboard goes into its upward v. If you don’t have any device capable of cutting the circle through the cardboard, you can always cut a circle out of black paper and glue it onto the front (which is what I did, to show you what you can do without the expensive tool). Below that hole/circle, you can also glue on a small piece of bamboo skewer for that little “landing spot” for the bird.

9. Use your hot glue gun to attach the side walls to the front wall. Then, attach the back wall to the two sides.

10. Finally, put your “roof” onto the top of the birdhouse. It should overlap the side walls and overhang the front and back by a few centimeters.

11. Glue twine to the edges and seams of the birdhouse; Adding that twine covers up any empty space between the paper & covers the cardboard.

With that, your book page birdhouse is done! I’m thrilled with how mine turned out–especially with the flowers on each of the walls. Depending on your preference, you could always do the entire thing covered in text pages or you could look for cover the entire house with different images. Either way, the only limit is your imagination (and the books you have in stock, but you get my point!)

Happy DIYing!


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