5 Valentines Crafts For $10 or Less

Valentine’s Day has officially passed this year, which means that it’s time to move on to more springtime crafts. Before I do that though, I can’t help but look back at all the Valentine’s DIYs I posted about this year. Not only are these crafts fun to do, but they’re also frugal. In fact, each of the crafts I wrote about cost less than $10 apiece. You can’t beat that!

Here’s a compilation of my DIY tutorials for Valentines Crafts, with lists of materials, links to the original articles, and Pinterest-friendly graphics.

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links to products used in this craft from Amazon.com. Purchasing products from these links does not cost you any extra money, but it does direct a small portion of the profits to me. For more information about my affiliate status, see the right sidebar.

#1: The Valentine’s Rose Ball Tree

I have to start off my list with this one for a few reasons. One is that it’s my most recent post, but the other reason is that with Valentine’s Day being over, a lot of Valentine’s decor is on sale, including these roses that I bought at Dollar Tree. For those of you that don’t go to Dollar Tree frequently, the day after a holiday, most of the holiday items will be on sale for 50% off. You may not think that’s a big deal since the original product cost $1 apiece, but as a frugal crafter, I don’t take any sale for granted!


4 Inch Styrofoam Ball
About 20 faux roses (I recommend using 2 different but similar shades)
Sewing Pins
Paper Towel Roll
Green Scrapbook Paper/Cardstock
5-6 Inch Metal Bucket
Matte White Spray Paint
Reindeer Moss


Hot Glue Gun

#2: Valentine’s Day Gnome DIY

Gnomes seem to be popping up everywhere this year! Don’t believe me? Just head over to Pinterest and look up “DIY Gnome” and you’ll find one for just about every holiday or occasion. I first found this little gem back at Christmastime, but I bided my time and decided to make some that were Valentine’s themed. The results speak for themselves!


Styrofoam Cone
1-1.5 inch Smooth Styrofoam Ball (Depending on Size of Your Styrofoam Cone)
Tan Paint
Valentine’s Themed Fabric
Faux Fur Ribbon/Trim OR Mop Head
Twine or String (If Using Mop Head)
Gorilla Glue


Hot Glue Gun

#3: Valentine’s Day Puzzle Heart

No need to be puzzled with this one–this is an easy, affordable craft for DIYers of all skill levels. I personally love this one because being the thrifty person I am, I enjoy buying puzzles from thrift stores as opposed to spending an arm and a leg at a retail store. The problem, though, is that sometimes thrift store puzzles are missing a piece or two, and that makes the puzzle sort of useless.

Well, that was the case until this craft! No need to throw out those incomplete puzzles when you can love the craft you make with them.


Puzzle Pieces
Tacky Glue
Spray Paint (White or Red)


Scissors and/or Xacto Knife
Paint Brush

#4: Pallet Wood Heart Wall Hanging

Free pallet wood is surprisingly easy to find (at least in my area) so this is the cheapest craft so far on the list. There are minimal costs, like the paint, chipboard letters, and a few other materials, but no matter the case, this is a lovely craft that can be hung up any time of the year.


Pallet Wood Or Reclaimed Wood
2 Paint Sticks
Stain or Paint
Cut Out Phrase (like Love Lives Here). Use chipboardwood, or metal
Gorilla Glue or Other Wood Glue
Sawtooth Hanger


Table Saw (Jigsaw optional)
Sand Paper
Foam Paint Brush
Cricut Device (If you’re cutting out your own phrase)

#5 Valentine’s Printables

You can’t get any cheaper than free! If you follow this link to its original post, then you’ll get free access to 6 Valentine’s themed pieces of art that you can use in your own home or gift to a friend.

I hope that you enjoyed this compilation! Be sure to follow the blog for more frugal DIYs and freebies.

Happy DIYing!


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