How To Make A Pallet Wood Heart Wall Hanging

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and so are the opportunities to decorate with hearts and lovely sentiments (pun intended). Today’s DIY is especially exciting to me, because it’s another craft that I was SO intimidated by. I’m only about half a year into learning the basics of wood working, and so I thought that rounding wood to make a heart would be beyond my level. But I tackled the project anyway and I have to say that I’m loving how it turned out!

These pallet wood hearts are perfect in their imperfections. Yes, there are machines that will cut the edges rounder than I did. Yes, there are surely imperfections with how one curve compares to the other. But human love is imperfect too, so having small “mistakes” seems to reinforce the message that yes, we can’t love perfectly all the time, but it’s still worth loving.

With that in mind, let’s get into today’s craft!

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Pallet Wood Or Reclaimed Wood
2 Paint Sticks
Stain or Paint
Cut Out Phrase (like Love Lives Here). Use chipboard, wood, or metal
Gorilla Glue or Other Wood Glue
Sawtooth Hanger

Table Saw (Jigsaw optional)
Sand Paper
Foam Paint Brush
Cricut Device (If you’re cutting out your own phrase)

1. Start by selecting your wood. Lay your 4 pieces of wood side by side. Double check that a. They’re about the same width across and b. They’re about the same depth. Height wise they don’t have to be identical, but be sure that your two middle pieces are the tallest two.

2. Personally I used a pencil to freehand draw half a heart across two of the pieces of wood. But you can also print out a heart shape or cut one out of paper and then trace it onto the wood if you’re not confident in your freehand abilities. Remember though, you only have to draw half a heart across two pieces of wood (see pictured below).

3. Use your table saw or jigsaw to cut out your half heart. Round it where you can for the top and side, but don’t worry about getting it 100% perfect.

Half the heart is done and looking good!

4. Now that you have half the heart cut out, flip them upside down atop your other two pieces of wood. Trace those two cut outs onto your other wood. This ensures that your left and right side of the heart will be nicely paralleled to each other.

Just trace around the edges of the already cut heart onto the two pieces you need to cut.

5. Cut out your other two pieces of wood the same way you did in step 3.

6. Now you have a complete pallet wood heart! But the work’s not quite done yet. Stain or paint your pallet heart with the color or stain of your choice. I prefer miniwax stain and I apply it with a sponge brush, but as you can see, I used blue paint on this one <3.

7. Once the stain/paint dries, turn your heart over so the back faces up. Take two paint sticks and use gorilla glue or wood glue to glue them across the four segments of the heart so they’re attached. Allow the glue plenty of time to dry. If your wood had slightly different depths, make sure that they are properly leveled so that the paint stick is glued down to each one and not missing any of the segments.

8. While you’re waiting on this one, you can work on your phrase. I used by Cricut Device to cut out the phrase “Love Lives Here.” Join my email list to get free access to the svg I used. You can cut it out on wood for that 3D element, but I used chipboard. It’s cheaper than wood and still looks awesome, especially after you paint it whatever color you want. I chose white, and you can see on my finished product that it doesn’t lay perfectly smoothly. This is awesome to match the rustic look of the wood!

9. Now that your pallet wood heart is done setting, you can put your word onto it using gorilla glue or tacky glue.

10. Attach a sawtooth hanger to the back for convenient hanging and you’re done!

This craft may look intimidating at first, but if you have the patience to draw your heart correctly and cut off piece by piece with a table saw (or jigsaw), then the rest of the project is a very doable. In fact, once I had my first one done, I couldn’t resist doing another one and making it personalized for my family. 🙂

Hopefully I inspired you to try something new today. If you tackle this project, be sure to share a picture in the comments. As always, be sure to join my email list for free resources, svgs, and of course get updates on my latest DIYs.

Happy DIYing!


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