Light Up Snowman Diy

After last week’s snowman decor, I couldn’t help but continue on that trend this week. I’ve always had a love of snowmen. I think I got that from my Mom Mom, who always has plenty of snowmen decorations in her house at Christmastime. But snowmen are such a wonderful piece of winter decor even outside of setting them out at Christmas.

This light up snowman diy in particular looks so classy, and yet he is SO easy to make. Let’s get to it!

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links to products used in this craft from Purchasing products from these links does not cost you any extra money, but it does direct a small portion of the profits to me. For more information about my affiliate status, see the right sidebar.

4.5 Inch Glass Bubble Ball Vase
4 Mason Jar Lid Rims and 1 Sealer
Heavy Chipboard for the Hat Brim
White Spray Paint
Black Spray Paint
Black and Orange Paint Markers or Black & Orange Vinyl for the eyes, nose, and mouth
Battery Powered Tealight Candle, Fairy Lights, or Battery Powered Christmas Lights

Hot Glue Gun

1. To make your light up snowman, Start by painting your bubble ball vase white on the exterior and spray paint your mason jar rims and lid black. Don’t go too heavy with the white; you want to be sure enough light can come through. If you’re unsure, start light, test your light inside, and if necessary, repaint to make it thicker.

2. Cut your chipboard to size (about 5-6 inches around) to serve as the brim of the hat. Paint if necessary (or buy the ones recommended above, which are already black).

The mason jar hat is together and on its rim

3. Glue your mason jar rims atop of one another. In the top one, make sure it has the seal so your hat has a top! Then, glue to your rim.

4. Now that your bubble ball vase is painted white, sit it upside-down so that the opening is against the table.

5. Draw your snowman’s face onto the vase using your paint markers or use vinyl decals.

6. Glue your hat to the top of the snowman.

7. Insert your light source into your snowman.

This alone can serve as your finished product, but there’s also the option of decorating the hat. I had a bunch of winter greenery and artificial poinsettias left over, so I glued those onto the hat for extra flair.

One other optional idea is to dab some white glitter onto the top and rim of the hat to look like snow. I’d do that as an alternative to the greenery, since doing both together may be overbearing depending on how much greenery you add to the hat.

Happy DIYing!


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