Christmas Tree String Art With Button Ornaments

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…How lovely is your string art!

Ah, the Christmas tree string art. If you’re a fan of string art, you’ve probably seen this one around before. String art is an accessible form of art for even the beginner, and Christmas trees are especially accessible because of its basic shapes. However, you haven’t seen it quite like this before: with button ornaments! This is such a nice spin on the craft and a great addition to anyone’s farmhouse styled/rustic home this winter.

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Green and Brown String
Christmas Colored Buttons
Panel Nails


Sand Paper
Hot Glue Gun

  1. Prep your wood. Whether that means cutting it to size, staining it, and/or sanding it, you’ll want to prepare your wood before this next step.
  2. Draw your design onto the wood using your pencil and ruler. Since the Christmas tree is a simple triangle and rectangle base, it is easy to draw to whatever size & dimensions you want.
  3. Nail the corners of your tree & base. Why? Those are the parts that are “nonnegotiable” on your design. If those ends are out of place, then the whole image will skewed.
  4. Nail the rest of the tree. I did each nail about 1.5 centimeters apart, but what you do depends on the total size of your tree.
All done with the nails!

5. Use your brown string to fill in the tree trunk.

6. Do your base layer of green string throughout the tree. Depending on your style, you can do it randomly or following a pattern (I did the latter).

Here is the “base layer” of green string. Beautiful in its own right!

You do have the option to stop there if you want a very simplistic, rustic tree. However, if you want ornaments on your tree, continue following the directions.

7. Loop your buttons through a piece of string. Be very careful with this step, because it is extremely easy to get the string and buttons tangled. I recommend doing a mid-length string and put about ten buttons on it.

Be sure to loop it through two of the button’s holes, or else it won’t lay flat on the tree.

8. String this buttoned yarn onto your tree. Again, you can do it in a specific pattern or go the “chaos route.”

9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 as many times as you need to in order to have enough string and buttons on the tree.

10. This next step is optional: if your buttons aren’t laying as flat as you’d like, use a hot glue gun to gently glue the buttons to the string so it lays flatter.

And that’s how you make a fully ornamented string art Christmas tree! Of course, you’re welcome to add a hook to the back of your wood for convenient hanging.

This craft was easy to do–it just took some patience to make sure the buttoned string didn’t get tangled. The end product is a beautiful staple for any rustic/farmhouse styled room.

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Happy DIYing!

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