Snowman With Sock Hat DIY– The Perfect Ornament For Any Tree!

I did my SECOND craft show just a few days ago, and at this one, I unveiled a new ornament that I was hoping would draw customers over to my table. I can sum up my results in two words: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! These easy to make, adorable snowman ornaments were the highlight of my table and were the first item to sell.

But of course, my intent is never just to sell; I want to make ornaments that make people smile and inspire joy. After all, it’s a joyous time of year! With this tutorial, hopefully you can do the same and spread some holiday cheer to all who see this handsome ornament.

For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links to products used in this craft from Purchasing products from these links does not cost you any extra money, but it does direct a small portion of the profits to me. For more information about my affiliate status, see the right sidebar.

Frosted White Ornament
Buffalo Snow
Paint Pens
Crew Socks
Clear Elastic Hair Tie

Hot Glue Gun
Fabric Scissors

  1. Stuff your frosted white ornament with the buffalo snow until filled.

Before I get any further in the steps, I know there’s a question that needs to be addressed: Why even bother with stuffing a semi-clear/frosted white ornament when I can go by a solid white ornament that won’t be see-through? That is a fair and valid question. After all, time is often money when it comes to crafting. The reason is simple: Real snowmen are imperfect. Snow has texture and is not a solid white. By adding the buffalo snow to the ornament, it adds a layer of texture that makes it appear much more snowy than just a solid white ornament would do.

But I get it. If time is an issue for you, purchase a solid white ornament. Your results will be adorable either way. 🙂

2. Cut the crew sock at what would be the ankle area. For my snowman, I bought a girls’ size that was 4-10 (Click here to see the type of sock I mean). That was a great height for my ornament and it easily worked for the next step.

3. Slide the sock over the ornament so the hem is right above the center of the ornament. The top, cut end of the sock should be centered around the top of the ornament.

Here’s the placement of the sock overall.
Here’s the placement from overhead.

4. Once you have your sock correctly placed, use your elastic hair tie to secure the sock around the cap of the ornament. Be sure not to tie it over the ornament’s hook; otherwise, you won’t have any way to hang the ornament.

5. Using your hot glue gun, attach the bottom part of the hat to the ornament. Using a small dab around 5 spots around the whole ornament is enough to keep it steady.

6. Now that it’s secure, we can work on decorating the top of the hat. Use your fabric scissors to cut the top into fine strips. Aim to have about ten strips.

7. Fold the strips over the hair tie so you can’t see it any more. Feel free to set them in place with dabs of hot glue like I did.

Front view
Top view

8. Draw your snowman’s face on the ornament using your paint pens. Before you do though, make sure you visualize how your ornament is going to hang. If you make the face go too low or draw everything out too far, you won’t be able to see his handsome mug!

9. Loop your twine/ribbon through the top hook and hang your finished ornament.

As soon as you’re done, be sure to show it off to all your family and friends so they can have the mandatory reaction of “Aww, that’s SO cute!” Seriously, that’s what I heard all day at my latest craft show. Even days later, whenever I see this ornament, I can’t help but smile. Hope that your creation inspires you to do the same. 🙂

Happy DIYing!

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