DIY Farmhouse Signs For People Who Don’t Have A Stencil and Have Terrible Handwriting

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Rustic decor is kind of my thing. I absolutely love decor that looks worn and homey. Whenever I look at local decor shops, they always have one item in particular that I always loved: farmhouse signs.

Just like everything else I see in stores, I started to think to myself: how can I imitate this on a budget? Because there’s no way I’m pouring a ton of money into this if it I can make it on my own.

One day, it hit me. I could create my own small farmhouse sign for under $5. And you can too!

Materials needed:
Old Wooden Picture Frame (I got mine from a thrift store, but they are available on Amazon and other sites)
Thin sheetwood
White Spray Paint
Ultra Fine-Tipped Sharpie
Black marker or paint
Wood Glue

Wood Stain (This link takes you to Miniwax’s page on Amazon; I’ve used their stain many times and I’ve always been happy with it).

1. Measure out your picture frame. You don’t need to know the depth; just measure the height and width.

The print that I made and used for my sign with Canva

2. Design or print a design that fits in that space. Since I love doing things on my own, I used my favorite program Canva to design several different options. Then, print it out on typical printer paper.

3. If you want to, go ahead and stain your picture frame now. Sand down the frame a little bit for the stain to truly sink in, or leave it unsanded and the stain will be glossier.

4. Spray your thin sheetwood white and let it dry.

5. When it’s dry, place your paper on top of the wood. Tape it in place so it doesn’t move for this next step.

6. Use your ultra fine-tipped Sharpie to trace the image. Be sure you go slowly so that the ink seeps through the paper and onto the wood.

You can barely see it in this picture, but the trace-over was a success.

7. Remove the paper and you’ll see a light tracing of your image. Trace over it again using the sharpie directly on the wood.

8. Now that it’s more visible, you have two options: fill it in with paint, or take a thicker marker to draw it in. I chose to use a marker. If any areas look sloppy or shaky, take a few minutes away from the project to re-steady your hand.

This is after trace #1, so it does have some blemishes to fix up.

9. Fix any blemishes by painting over them with white paint. If you want a rougher look, take a piece of fine sandpaper and run it over the words and any spots that may look uneven in general.

10. Place your image inside the frame and set it with wood glue.

That’s it! I had so much fun working on mine, and now that I realize I can design my own image and avoid buying a hundred and one stencils, I’m going to be making plenty more in the future. If you wind up making any, feel free to share them in the comments.

Happy DIYing!


4 thoughts on “DIY Farmhouse Signs For People Who Don’t Have A Stencil and Have Terrible Handwriting

    1. Thanks Michelle! I used Ghisella for the font. That font doesn’t have the lines coming out the first and last letters though, so I searched “wavy line” on Canva and added them myself. I love experimenting with that type of stuff. 🙂

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