5 Fall Scrap Wood Crafts

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Despite thinking my last post would be the last one fall themed for this year, it turns out autumn inspiration just keeps striking! Today, it struck in the form of scrap wood crafts. After all, my stockpile in the garage is overflowing, and I’ve been wanting to try a few wood projects anyway, so I figured I’d make another list post with scrap wood diys that are easy to imitate and cheap to make.

#1 Scarecrow

Scrap Wood
Brown Paint
Paint Markers (on sale as I post this 10/27/19)
Fall flower/wheat stalk

Thoughts: This is one craft that I’ve seen on Pinterest so many times in so many different ways. I wanted to give my own spin on it, but inspiration didn’t strike until I was picking through my fall florals and found the wheat stalk. That’s my favorite part of this decoration now, and I can’t imagine having a scarecrow without one now!

#2 Tall Pumpkin

Scrap Wood
Orange paint
Stick/Wood Slice
Jute Twine

Thoughts: This is another one that I’ve seen around on Pinterest, but I didn’t bother with it because I didn’t think I had the right type of wood for the craft. Lo and behold, I actually did! What I really love about this one is how you can still see the wood’s original grain through the light coat of paint. That makes it come across as more natural and stops the orange from being an obnoxious florescent color.

#3 Note Pumpkin

Scrap Wood
Orange paint
Small Clothes Pin

Thoughts: This was such a simple craft, and it was made very similarly to the previous pumpkin. Obviously the dimensions are different; I chose to have a smaller, square pumpkin that would rest nice on a windowsill, or somewhere a loved one might leaf a special note. 😉

#4 Fall Leaf Sign

Scrap Wood
Artificial Leaf
Stencil (or Cricut, which is what I used)
Paint Markers (on sale as I post this 10/27/19)

Thoughts: This one was another fun one to make. I chose my leaf first, and then I chose which font I thought would look best with that aesthetic. The same goes for the color of the font; I thought gold would be a nice choice, and then I used a brown sharpie to trace around the edges to make it really stand out. All in all, it was a fun, easy craft!

#5 Fall House

Wood House Shape
Jute Twine
Fall Flower
Fall Leaves
Stencil (or Cricut, which is what I used with chalkboard vinyl)

Thoughts: Maybe this one is cheating a bit since it’s not explicitly a fall craft, but what I love about this one is how it could be a craft for any season. I chose to make it fall themed by adding all the leaves, acorns, and flowers along with the phrase “Happy Fall Ya’ll”

Have other scrap wood ideas for fall? Share them in the comments below to inspire your fellow crafters!

Happy DIYing!

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