Dollar Tree Pumpkin Craft DIY

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Dollar Tree Pumpkin Craft

Like I said in my last post, Dollar Tree is awesome (and dangerous for me). Their stock of carvable pumpkins may not match up to rustic ones from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, but at least they have potential. If you’re reading this, that probably means you see the potential too, but you’re not quite sure how to elevate that pumpkin to nice rustic decor. Hopefully today’s post will give you some ideas. Here’s the Dollar Tree Pumpkin Decor DIY Tutorial. 🙂

Materials needed:
Dollar Tree Pumpkin (Available on Amazon, but go buy it from Dollar Tree for a reasonable price)
Tacky Glue
Rustic/Fall Fabric
Twine, hemp, or burlap

Tools needed:
Fabric scissors
Hot glue gun

  1. First start with the fabric. You’re going to want to cut your fabric into strips that are approximately the width of each curve of the pumpkin. Cut it so it’s long enough vertically to touch the stem and go to about the center of the bottom of the pumpkin. Repeat approximately 13 times. Don’t worry if some pieces are too wide–since the strips overlap, it’s not a big deal.
1 strip of approximately 13, glued onto the pumpkin.

2. Now that the fabric is cut, use your tacky glue to attach each strip to the pumpkin vertically. It works best to use the tacky glue in the crevices of the pumpkin and then stick the fabric’s edges there. Near the top of the pumpkin’s stem, you’ll need to fold the fabric a little bit, since it’s a rounded surface.

Not only does the circle cover up pieces that are too short, but it also helps it rest steady.

3. Once the pumpkin is completely wrapped in the strips of fabric, check the bottom of the pumpkin. Cut out a circle of fabric and place on the bottom of the pumpkin so it looks nice and even (and sits evenly!)

The stem is wrapped in burlap twine, the leaves are burlap, and the bow (seen in the back right) is jute twine.

4. For the top of the pumpkin, I wrapped the stem in remnants of burlap. However, thicker jute twine would also work well here. Use the hot glue gun to attach your twine/burlap/whatever to the stem.

5. For an extra touch, cut out some burlap leaves for the top of the pumpkin. Tie a bow around the stem with hemp or twine to tie the look together.

Just like that, you’re done! It’s a super simple craft, and it’s nice to make something that really just uses odds and ends that you probably already have in your craft stash.

What pattern fabric would you use for this craft? Would you do the stem differently? Leave your comments below to inspire me and other crafters!

Happy DIYing!

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