Dollar Tree Splatter Shield Pumpkin DIY Tutorial

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Dollar Tree is simultaneously my best friend and my worst enemy. Walking through their crafts aisles–no, walking through any of their aisles– is an invitation for creative re-purposing. Today’s re-purpose, I have to admit, isn’t an original idea. It’s been floating around Pinterest this year and as soon as I saw it, I knew I’d have to give it a whirl. And once I’m done with the instructions, hopefully you’ll be compelled to do the same! Here’s how to do the Dollar Tree Pumpkin decoration.

3 splatter shields
Orange spray paint
Jute twine
Misc flowers
Misc leaves
Green Raffia Ribbon

Hot glue gun

Before we even get into the tutorial, you need to ask yourself a question: Where will you want this pumpkin to be? Do you want it on a table, or do you want it hanging? Depending on what you chose, scroll to that set of directions.


  1. If you want your pumpkin to rest on a shelf, do not cut off any of the handles.
  2. Spray paint all three of the screens thoroughly.
Layered screens to show approximate spacing and handle placement.

3. Layer your three splatter screens on top of each other. The screen in the middle should have its handle pointing up. The other two should have theirs pointing down.

4. Attach your screens to each other using a hot glue gun and allow to set.

Jute twine is wrapped around the bottom handles for a purposeful rustic look.

5. Bend the two handles that were pointing down so that they rest at appropriately a 90 degree angle. Those will keep your pumpkin resting upright on the table. Wrap jute twine around those two handles and use hot glue to help keep it set.

Green ribbon around the top. There’s a small gap but don’t worry, your flower decor will cover that.

6. Wrap green ribbon around the top. Again, use hot glue to set that.

This in and of itself can be your decoration, though that’s extremely simple. Scroll a little bit further to see ideas for decorating.


  1. If you want to hang your pumpkin, you’ll want to use a wire cutter to snip off two of the three handles.
  2. Spray your splatter screens thoroughly. Don’t worry about paint getting on the handle, since that will be covered up later.
  3. Layer your three splatter screens on top of each other. Make sure the one in the middle is the one with the handle on it. Have the handing facing up, just like a pumpkin stem would.
  4. Attach your screens to each other using a hot glue gun and allow to dry.
  5. Wrap the top handle with your green ribbon. Use dabs of hot glue to keep it in place. Leave the hole visible in the back if you want to hang it on a nail or command hook.


Arrange the leaves along the top of the pumpkin near the stem to make it look like the pumpkin sprouted leaves. OR lay silk leaves at the bottom of the pumpkin to make it look like it is resting outside among the fallen leaves.

Tie a ribbon around the twine “stem” of the pumpkin. If you have a lot of decor up top already, you may want a smaller bow. To make a larger statement, use a larger bow.

I’ve seen this craft with flowers resting on the top and just behind the pumpkin; for my purposes, I didn’t feel a need to add them.

Wooden cutout words are available at some Dollar Trees, but not all. Amazon has some choices as well. Here’s a link to the one I used.

I had such a blast making this craft. As soon as I was done my first, I ran back out to my local Dollar Tree and bought more splatter screens so I could maker another. But of course they were out of the ones with handles and only had the ones with knobs in the middle. The good news is, you can work with that too. Just screw those off, paint as normal, and then when you lay the screens on top of each other, intentionally have the thicker wire rest right by center hole. That even gives you more options for hanging it, so that’s a plus!

Happy DIYing!

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