Mason Jar Pumpkin Soap Dispenser

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Fall is officially here, which means its time to break out ALL the pumpkin crafts. And, of course, I’m continuing my trend of working with mason jars–one of my all-time favorites. This craft as a whole will probably be one of my favorites, because it’s SO EASY and the results are stunning!

Materials Needed:
Orange Spray Paint
Green Spray Paint
Mason Jar Pump Lid
Modge Podge
Hand Soap

Optional Materials:
Jute Twine (Tan) (Green)
Silk Leaves

Optional Tools:
Hot Glue Gun

  1. Clean your mason jar thoroughly inside and out. Then, spray the mason jar orange. If you have any runs in the paint, sand that area and then respray. Be cautious not to get spray paint on the inside, since you don’t want to be pumping out spray paint along with your soap.

In this photo, you can see that I sprayed only the exterior part of the pump; you don’t want paint on the interior of the pump.

2. The pumps that I bought from Amazon are AMAZING. They came in three parts: the twist on lid, the pump, and the straw. Spray paint the lid and the pump, but be careful to only spray the plastic exterior of the pump. Again, we want to avoid getting spray paint on the inside of the jar.

3. At this point, you can distress the jar if you want. If you do want to, gently sand the mason jar over areas such as the lip and any words that are on it.

4. Seal the mason jar with a sealant such as Modge Podge to protect it from water splashes.

5. Assemble the pump (now dry) and put it on the mason jar.

Once you fill it with soap, that’s it. It’s ready for use!

That’s it for the essential parts of the project. Here are some other ideas to add a little more flair to this simple decor.


Wrap some twine around the mason jar, just underneath the pump’s lowest rim. Depending on how thick the twine is, you may want to do it more than once. Hot glue the twine to the rim for a secure, seamless attachment.

I love how it looks with just a few leaves glued onto it–it really DOES make it look like a pumpkin!

Silk Leaves:

Sift through any loose leaves from your stash of silk leaves (or purchase from Amazon, Joann’s, Michael’s, etc) and similarly use hot glue to attach them to the mason jar rim, right around the same area you would have attached the twine. I used my spray paint to paint them the same shade of green as the lid for a cohesive look.

Hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! If you enjoyed this one, go check out last week’s, which was a pumpkin using mason jar lids.

As always, happy DIYing!

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