How To Make a Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

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Fall decor in my house, with pumpkin in upper left.

Making a pumpkin out of mason jar lids is apparently a big craft this year; everywhere I look, I’m seeing them pop up! Now normally I do tutorials using items that are commonly around the house, but it occurs to me as I type this one up that not everyone may have 15+ mason jar lids lying around the house. Still, if you tend to collect thrift stores’ mason jars the way that I do, you may be surprised to realize you bought some jars with lids already on them. 🙂 Like I said, this DIY requires at least 15 jar lids, which are available for purchase on websites like Amazon and Walmart if you don’t have a bunch at home. As for the rest of the materials, well, let’s get straight into the list, shall we?

Materials needed:
15+ mason jar lids (small or large). 12 or 16
Acrylic paint in white/orange or white/orange spray paint
Jute twine (or some other type of string/yarn)
A small branch

Tools needed:
Brush (if using acrylic paint)
Hot glue gun

I got residual paint all over my painting tablecloth because I was impatient!

  1. Start of by painting your mason jar lids whichever color you prefer and whichever paint you chose. Keep in mind that spray paint vs acrylic paint will leave different textures on the lid. Spray paint will be much more even and uniform. Acrylic paint has a hard time laying flat on metal and doesn’t behave when you try to do a second or third coat on top of it.
    Even so, I stuck with the acrylic paint. I wanted a more rustic look to my pumpkin and I was okay with it having a lot of imperfections. When I went back to do the second and third coats over rough areas, I used my sponge brush to go very lightly over top what I already did. It worked 90% of the time.
  2. Wait for your lids to dry completely, and be sure that you covered every angle of the lid with paint.

Make sure all the lids are facing the same direction.

3. Once it’s all dry, stack all the lids together and loop your string through it.

4. Tightly tie the string so that the mason jars are stuck in a circle. The circle won’t be completely perfect at this stage, and that’s okay!

5. There was a bit of looseness with my pumpkin, partly because of the string still being a little loose. I put a dab of hot glue on key points of the structure to keep the lids where I wanted them to be. In that same step, I hot glued my stick into the center of the pumpkin.

I did four leaves, because I liked the symmetry of it.

6. Next up, add your leaves. I used burlap for mine, but you could use some material if you wanted to. Gently hot glue your leaves into the pumpkin.

And that’s how you make a pumpkin out of mason jar lids! I really enjoyed making mine, and I look forward to putting more creative spins on it in the future. Have any other ideas for how to decorate your pumpkin? Share them in the comments below! And, as always, if you want more DIY in your inbox, subscribe to Myriad of Marvels.

Happy DIYing!

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