String Art Vase DIY

This is the craft that started off my Etsy shop, and so it’s fitting that I start off my blog telling you a big more about it. When I looked through Etsy for similar products, I saw a whole lot of mason jar string art, but not a bunch of vases. I thought to myself, Mason jars are always done with white thread. With vases, you can do them any color depending on what color flower you want! What a missed opportunity…

Well, it wasn’t missed for long–within a few days, I was grabbing a piece of wood and a hammer and getting to work. Hopefully this post will inspire you to do the same!

Materials needed:
Wood (approximate length depends on print used)
Crochet yarn (I use size 8 or 10)
Artificial flowers
Vase Template (Here)

Tools needed:
Power saw (if you need to cut the wood)

Wood stain

Materials ready to go!

1.Start off by choosing which flower you’re going to use. Yes, really. If it’s a larger flower, you’ll want to do a larger vase on a larger piece of wood. Subscribe to the blog for access to both vase templates and other string art templates!

2. Cut wood to either 8 inches for the small vase or 11 inches for the taller one. The width I use for my wood is 3.5 inches, so if yours is a different size than mine, my templates may not suit your needs.

3. Center the template on wood. The bottom of the vase should be about 1/2 inch off the bottom of the wood.

4. Start to nail the template to the wood. Do two opposite ends right away to make sure the paper doesn’t shift and move off center. Nails do not have to be deep–just go far enough in for it to be steady in the wood.

5. Continue nailing the wood, following the designated spots on the template.

6. Once you’re done, tear the paper out from underneath the nails. If there are any scraps of paper left under them, use a set of tweezers or your fingernails to pull them out.

7. Now the “string art” portion begins. Grab your twine and tie it around the bottom left corner of the vase.

8. Wrap the string around the exterior of the vase’s nails. Once you get up to the neck, you need to go to the inside to create that curve. Do that, and then continue on with wrapping the string around the vase until you get back to the starting point.

9. Begin going crazy with wrapping the string around the interior of the vase. If you want a more uniform look, be intentional with which nails you do crisscrossing and zigzags.

You can’t even notice the loose ends tucked into the vase.

10. Once you feel you’ve sufficiently “filled” your vase, double-knot the string on one of the nails. Clip it fairly close to the nail, and then either stick the tip inside the vase or glue it into place.

11. As you were working, you probably noticed that the string had a tendency to rise closer and closer to the head of the nails. That’s actually important! Now there’s room for you to stick a flower stem down into the vase through the top.

Just like that, you’ve got a beautiful shelf-piece! A few other things you may want to consider, though…

A. If you don’t like the color of your wood, stain it with any choice of wood-stain.
B. If you want to hang this piece on a wall, add a saw-hook on the back of the board.
C. If your flowers aren’t staying in place, use a dab of hot glue behind the flower head(s) and hold in place until it’s set.

If you enjoyed this string art tutorial and would like more free string art templates in the future, join my email list! I promise I won’t spam your inbox. 🙂

Happy DIYing!


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